Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Novel - Catch Us If You Can - Chap 2

summary of CHAPTER 2

1. Rory asks Granda where he put his homework.
2. He notices a bulge in his rucksack.
3. It is a bag of rubbish.
4. Granda has absent-mindedly thrown away his homework and kept the rubbish instead.
5. The next day in class, his classmates try to help Rory think up excuses he could give Mrs Foley.
6. They like to help him because they often find Granda’s action hilarious.
7. Rory tells Mrs Foley the truth, that he had lost his homework.
8. She asks him about Granda.
9. He notices the moustache on her face.
10. Mrs Foley then asks Rory to stay behind at lunchtime to do hishomework.
11. But Rory cannot stay behind as he has to rush home at lunchtime.
12. He must prepare Granda’s lunch.

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